Have you ever wanted to improve your spray tan

Have you ever wanted to improve your spray tan

Join a private group of sunless tanning experts working together to take their business and skills to the next level.

We've all been there...

  • Spray tanning a client and ran into a number of issues or a trouble area?
  • Left an appointment only to find out that the result of the tan wasn't what your client expected?
  • Wasn't sure how to approach a specific skin condition?
  • Not sure what product to use based on the client's skin tone?
  • Feeling overwhelmed because the business isn't growing as you expected?

These are common challenges that every spray tanner runs into sometime in their professional career.

It's easy to get frustrated and even feel like throwing in the towel because you aren't sure what the right answer is.

Do you...

  • Ever wonder how the stars of Hollywood always have flawless spray tans?
  • Ever want to expand your business, make more money and have more freedom?
  • Ever wonder how you could charge more for your services?
  • Ever wish there was a place to go to get answers to all of your burning questions?

We understand that operating a spray tanning business can be challenging. You can find endless information online about how-to's, what not to do, how to fix this, or that.

But what if you could learn this directly from one of the world's most renowned spray tanners, Jimmy Coco?

What if you could get 1 on 1 answers to all of your burning spray tan questions?

What if you could improve your technique and business, all in one?

Now you can!

That's Sunless Evolution:

A private place to learn the stuff that works taught by some of the most sought-after industry experts in the world.

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Introducing Sunless Evolution

What to expect.

Monthly live calls with Jimmy & Grant

On the calls we will allow members to get on to ask question about their business, technique or any other topic they wish.  We will also discuss the most popular topics as voted by you, the Sunless Evo members.

Private Facebook forum

Unlike other forums, this will be for paid members only.  The group will require each post to be manually approved to help keep the group effective and helpful.

Private member website

Within the membership website, all of the monthly calls will be saved so you can always go back and view them.  Additionally, any other content that is added to the group will be stored here.

Exclusive interviews

Throughout the month, we will be bringing in outside guests that specialize in a particular subject to help the Sunless Evolution members.  Each interview will be recorded and added to the member website.

Exclusive Content

We will produce and share content that will be available only to the Sunless Evolution members.  Content will be created around the biggest issues and problems that our members are currently facing.

Exclusive Discounts

We will work with some of the biggest brands in the industry to offer discounts and deals that you simply can't find anywhere else.  The more members we gain, the larger the discounts we will be able to get :).

In Sunless Evolution, you'll get the on topics like

  • How to run a profitable spray tanning business
  • How to troubleshoot issues in the middle of a spray tan
  • How to handle specific skin conditions
  • How to handle ALL skin types, with confidence
  • How the pros, like Jimmy, always provide flawless spray tans
  • How to avoid the dreaded "orange" issue
  • How to spray tan groups, with ease
  • How to grow your business organically
  • How to leverage networking to help others & grow your business
  • How to get more 5-star reviews
  • How to perfect your technique and feel 100% confident
  • +More!

This community is perfect for

Seasoned business owners

Who have been in business for any amount of time, but still strive to improve their business and skills.  Surround yourself with other likeminded individuals.

New business owners

Who are just starting out or are planning to launch a business soon. Save yourself time & money by learning from professionals who have already been there.

Which one is you?

Sunless Evolution is for you if...
  • You want to improve your skills
  • You want to improve your business
  • You want to make more money & have more freedom
  • You want to provide a flawless spray tan, every single time
  • You want to connect with other sunless pros who have a similar mindset
Sunless Evolution isn't for you if...
  • You are happy with where you are
  • You don't want to better your skills
  • You don't want to grow your business
  • You are okay with searching for answers for endless hours
  • You don't want to connect with other like minded individuals

Meet the Experts

Dedicated to your success.


Jimmy Coco

Jimmy is Hollywood’s Celebrity Tan Expert recognized by Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, the Victoria’s Secret Angels, Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande (just to name a few). Jimmy Coco is the go-to tan expert for celebrities who want to glow on the red carpet and on screen.

Starting his spray tanning business in 2003, Jimmy Coco pioneered his vision around a one in a million idea: mobile tanning that comes to you. No stranger to the entertainment business, Jimmy knew the importance of readily available personal care and service. Celebrities would call on Jimmy to come to their houses or travel the world alongside them to prepare themselves for red carpets, runways, photoshoots and film sets.

Fast forward to over ten years later and Jimmy is in more demand than ever creating some of Hollywood’s most iconic and talked-about Hollywood glows, from the Met Gala to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. While his mission of convenience continues as Jimmy brings his skill to the masses with his range of self tan products for a Hollywood worthy self tan.

From being hailed as Hollywood’s tan authority by leading fashion, entertainment and beauty publications; named “Pioneer of Tanning” in New York Post; earning the Allure Best of Beauty Awards multiple times (2007, 2009, 2011, 2013); to making multiple appearances alongside the Kardashians in their apps. Jimmy’s innovative, creative and lovable style and skill has given him the leading edge in Hollywood’s beauty scene for more than a decade, making him Hollywood’s Leading Man of Tan.


Grant Kantsios

Grant has been involved in the sunless industry since 2011 and got his start with Sjolie Sunless.  During his 3 year career at Sjolie he helped grow the business into one of the top brands in the industry.

After leaving Sjolie Sunless, Grant created happytans, a helpful business, and training resource for sunless tanning professionals.  In addition to the resources, happytans also has the first and only sunless tanning podcast and website builder.

Through his work with the happytans podcast, Grant has had the pleasure to meet and interview some of the most successful sunless tanning business owners, including Jimmy Coco, Jenn Dieas, Katie Quinn, Erin Tietsort and more!

Grant has also worked with countless business owners to help develop their businesses into the business they always imagined.

The tools provided by happytans have been developed to help sunless tanning professionals start & grow their sunless tanning business.

Sunless Evolution is right for you if you can say YES to any of these questions

  • Are you ready to improve your business & technique and take your business to the next level?
  • Have you always wanted to provide a flawless spray tan, every single session?
  • Do you often question yourself or wonder what other professionals do in a specific situation?
  • Would you benefit from having direct access to a number of proven experts?
  • Do you want to connnect with other like-minded technicians who are serious about their business & their craft?
  • Do you want the keys to success available at the click of a button?
What happens in Sunless Evolution, stays in Sunless Evolution.

We want serious individuals who are driven and excited to improve their business and skills.

  • We believe that you can truly never stop learning.
  • We believe in a community that supports one another and helps to build each person up.
  • We believe that with the right advice and support, you can truly achieve anything you could ever want.
That is why we created Sunless Evolution.

When you look back in a year...

Will you still be treading water?


Will you be in a place where your business has grown and your skills have improved?

Join today and don't miss out on the chance of a lifetime.

Join the waitlist

Sunless Evolution is currently closed.  By joining the waitlist, you will be notified once we have a date to re-open.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers!

What happens once I sign up?

Great question!  Once you sign up, you will receive an email with further instructions, including your login credentials for the Sunless Evolution website.  Additionally, you will need to request access to the private Facebook forum, and each person will be manually approved.

Why is this a paid group?

Here's the scoop...we want to provide you with actionable advice and actually help you grow your business and improve your skills. In order to do that, we must dedicate time and money to this community. The money will be used to support the group, pay for services that are used within the group and even more amazing things we have in store down the road.

Do you guarantee results?

No, we don't.  We can give you the keys to success, but the results are ultimately up to you and the amount of effort you put into your business.  We can guarantee that this is a one of a kind group, with access to individuals that you would otherwise never have access to.

How is this different than the free Facebook groups?

It's the difference between asking a doctor about symptoms or asking Google. Who do you trust more? You will have access to real experts, who knows the ins and outs of everything sunless.

What if I am just starting my business?

This group is perfect for you.  Why not learn the right way to do things instead of testing, and wasting time and money on things that may not work?  We can show you the way and save you a ton of headache.

Do you offer refunds?

Currently, we will be offering refunds on a case by case basis.  If you have already accessed some of the content, then we won't refund your money.

Have additional questions?

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